What is a Personal Concierge?



You've heard of a hotel concierge. They're your go-to person when you need advice on where to eat, what to see, or what to do. They excel in hospitality and making you happy during your stay. In fact, that's their main goal. To make you happy and fulfill your needs. 

Well, imagine having someone to do that in your every day life. Someone to call on when you need recommendations. Someone to help get your to-do list done- whether it be running errands or accomplishing household tasks or planning an event. A personal concierge is someone who strives to make you happy and fulfill your needs. We want to create a sense of calm and efficiency in your life. We all feel overwhelmed at times, you should be able to unload what you can.

Unlike a full time personal assistant, we are here only when you need us. That could be every day, it could be weekly, or only every so often when you need an extra hand. We're here for you when you need it.

Some examples of the services we can provide are: 

  • Errand Running (groceries, shopping, returns, post office, etc)
  • Vendor Management (recommend and manage home vendors ie: landscapers, contractors, designers) 
  • Household Organization (daily upkeep or home reorganization projects)
  • Event or Travel Planning 
  • Waiting Services (need someone to wait for cable company or a delivery?)
  • Internet Research
  • Opening/ Closing of Homes 
  • Moving/ Relocation Services 

Contact Lerner Concierge today and get some extra time back in your life. 

Danni can be reached at lernerconcierge@gmail.com or 978.509.4142.