About Us


About us

You have a mile long to-do list, a delivery that has to be signed for, or a party that has to be planned, but you need to be working and spending your valuable time where it counts.     Let us do it for you. 

Lerner Concierge takes your to-do list and gets it done. You can spend your day where it matters most and return to a clean, organized, and peaceful home where you can relax. 

Danni Lerner is the founder of Lerner Concierge. Before starting Lerner Concierge, Danni worked as a postpartum doula, caring for families after the arrival of a baby. She provided household and life support to make their days easier, including shopping, light cleaning, cooking, and childcare. Danni also has experience working in the restaurant industry, event planning, and as a nanny and household manager. 

Her organizational skills along with her ability to anticipate what a client needs make her the right person to get it done.