Feature Friday: Meet Becky G. Mariano of Mariano Media

Becky G. Mariano of Mariano Media 

Becky G. Mariano of Mariano Media 

This Friday's Feature is something that we all could use some help with. Social Media Consulting for individuals and small businesses!

I don't know about you, but I find it so tricky to find your target market, come up with relevant content, plan your strategy, and then assess how well it is doing.  Especially when seeing most social media depends on algorithms today. Who has the time, knowledge, and energy?! 

Since we're all about getting time back in your life at Lerner Concierge, do yourself a favor and hire Becky G. Mariano. With close to a decade of experience crafting multi-channel strategies for Fortune 500 companies, Becky G. Mariano is adeptly skilled at delivering strategy to today’s evolving social landscape. You need a clear roadmap to guide you through today’s rocky social terrain, so let her create one tailored just for you!

My name is Becky G. Mariano.

My business is Mariano Media, Social Media Consulting for individuals and small businesses.

My clients hire me because I deliver high-caliber social media strategy and implementation with close to a decade of agency experience at a cost-effective and personal level.

In my free time, I spend time with my family, dog, and friends typically doing something active outdoors or enjoying a nice dinner in Boston or at home with my husband.

One fun fact about me is that my husband and I went to high school in the same town at the same time, then attended the same college at the same time, but didn’t meet until we both moved to Boston after school.

For me, a perfect day would be spending time around the fire with my family with snow falling outside.

You can find me at:

  • Instagram: @beckygmariano
  • Twitter: @beckygmariano
  • Facebook: @beckygmarianollc, @beckygmariano
  • LinkedIn: @mariano-media,@beckygmariano
  • www.mariano-media.com 
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