How can a personal concierge help you this holiday season?


Aaahhh, the holidays. You either hear those words and get so excited with glee that the best time of the year is finally here (ME! ME! ME!) or you groan because you know that the holidays are filled the stress of with gift giving, dinners, parties, and people you may or may not want to spend time with.

Either way, we can all agree on one thing: The holiday season is very busy and filled with a giant list of to-do’s.

Enter your personal concierge.

This holiday season, Lerner Concierge can help you get a multitude of things done. Starting with taking care of these 5 holiday stressors.

  1. Gift Buying:

    You undoubtedly have a long list of people that you need to buy gifts for. Lerner Concierge can help with multiple things. We can brainstorm gift ideas for you, we can go shopping and get all those incredible deals (Did we mention we’ll go out on Black Friday for you?), and we can buy fantastic hostess gifts for every holiday party you must show your face to.

    1. Gift Wrapping:

      Would you love for all of your gifts to look like something found on Pinterest? Wouldn’t we all! But who has the time?! Your personal concierge does! Let us wrap your gifts in a modern, sleek, cohesive manner and you can take all the credit. We won’t tell.


3. Party Planning:

Are you hosting a holiday fete this year and need help planning, hiring caterers, getting drink ideas, and handling invitations? We can help with your event start to finish. Lerner Concierge can also help plan your holiday dinner. Food, drinks, and tablescapes are three things you don’t need to worry about this year.


4. House Preparedness:

We got your party planned, now we need to make the house look ready! Let us help you purge and organize your home. Once the house is spiffy, we are happy to decorate for the holidays as well. Yes, that includes the tree! At the end of the holiday, we will pack up and organize it for next year as well.


5. Travel Planning:

Traveling for the holidays? What a headache. Let us handle the arrangements for you. Everything from transportation to seats and finding the best deal. We got it covered.

Life is stressful enough during the holidays. With the help of your very own personal concierge, perhaps you’ll actually be able to enjoy the season this year.

Danni Ventre